William Kaven unveils design for tallest Portland building

Design 2 days ago Archinect 28

William Kaven Architecture recently revealed their proposed design for the US Postal Site redevelopment project in downtown Portland, Oregon. Currently in the conceptual design stage, the firm has fleshed out major goals for Portland's central site. William Kaven have proposed a multi high rise project with two lofty towers at it's center exceeding a height of 970 feet, and making them the tallest structure in Portland. 

The master plan includes approximately 5 million square feet of sustainable new development with a mixed use of retail, office, hospitality and residential. The leading towers would be interlinked by a glass-enclosed botanical bridge spanning across the North Park Blocks. William Kaven intend this skybridge to be an iconic addition to the city's skyline providing dramatic aerial views and becoming a destination for downtown Portland. 

Co founder Daniel Kaven proclaims expansive goals for Portland stating, "The towers are large enough to serve as a headquarters for a...

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