DOPIUM.LA: Big Art Little Chinatown

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Only a dream can kill a dream.

Developed with some of the minds behind One Night Stand LA, DOPIUM.LA aimed to preserve the original beauty of Chinatown, while showing its inspirational influence on an emerging community of creatives in Los Angeles.

For one night, a group of artist, architects and atmospheric maestros turned the Mandarin Plaza into a space to remember; into an experience sparking the thrill of pleasure and inspiration - like Dopamine through the brain, and Opium* through the vein.

Projection by Chris Fortuna

Two spectators enjoying their shadowed existence.
”Opium” as a part of the name is a reference to the organic relief it originally provided as a natural form of medicine, and is in no way making light of controversial issues. We aim for this event to represent art as a creative catharsis, our own way of expressing ourselves as means to escape the climate we’re in for one day, at least.

Image: Dopium LA

Featured artists created original pieces to bring the plaza (aka the "Canvas") to life through mixed media, from sculpture...

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