RESHAPE 17 | Wearable Technology Competition

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Registration Deadline: Jun 15, 2017; Submission Deadline: Jun 30, 2017


Wearables are becoming an active, supplemental skin that not only protect our body but also facilitate functions such as growth, movement, respiration and nutrition or rehabilitate the environment. Becoming a new medium able to regulate the relation between our body and its surroundings, wearables can now collect and exchange information producing dynamic outputs. Reshape aims to enhance these impulses in fashion design, proposing a new challenge to makers and designers: RESHAPE 17 | Wearable Technology Competition | Programmable Skins.

The proposals will focus on wearables as a prosthetic skin providing augmented functions. Reshape 17 goes beyond ubiquitous computing, towards integrated and holistic strategies with the objective to eliminate electronics, electronics, in favor of programmable materials. We expect the design for our competition to respect the Reshape ideology, and the judging criteria consists in





13th of February – 15th of June 2017_ ONLINE REGISTRATION

13th of February – 30th of April 2017_ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS AVAILABLE ONLINE AT 

30th of June 2017_ SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE 23:59 (UTC/GMT +1 hour) 

1st of July-31th of July 2017_ EVALUATION OF PROJECTS 

1st of September 2017_ ANNOUNCEMENT OF PRIZES 

3rd of October - 5th of October 2017_ AWARDS CEREMONY and final exhibition in IN3DUSTRY - From needs to solutions


Areti Markopoulou

Cecilia Raspanti

Grace Jun

Miquel Serrano

Anastasia Pistofidou


1. Each team has to create maximum 3 boards of A3 size landscape format. Each board should be a vectorial (not raster) pdf file and RGB color mode. The content of the boards should show the design and fabrication process of each design solution. Short text, diagrams, picture of the physical prototype and images/renders of the final design should be included.

2. A text of approximately 600 words has to be delivered separately in a word document. The text should include the description of the proposal as well as an approximate economical estimation.

3. A video of maximum duration of one minute has to be included. The video should be one mp4 file, maximum 25 MB.


1. Entry identification code (which is generated during the registration) must be placed in the upper right corner of each A3 board, with required dimensions of 40 x 10mm. No other form of identification is allowed.

2. All the A3 boards should be combined in one single pdf file (maximum 25 MB) named own identification code (which is generated during the registration) and title of its project.

3. Each entry (pdf, word document, video) should be submitted online in a .zip or .rar format named as " Reshape17_Identificationcode_title of the project"

4. All entries must be submitted via mail (see above) on/or before midnight (23.59) 30th of June, 2017, Barcelona Time (UTC/GMT) +1 hour).

5. Disqualification of entries may occur if the guidelines are not met.


The total prize is 2700 €, which will be distributed among the first, second and third winner accordingly.

1st prize 1500 €

2nd prize 700 €

3rd prize 500 €

Apart from the winners, the jury will select 5-7 honorable mentions which, together with the winners, will be included in the online platform of RESHAPE . In the website there will be a direct link to each project with information of each designer.

This year, due to Reshape ’s collaboration with In(3D)dustry , the selected projects will have the opportunity to be part of:


In(3D)ustry and Reshape will organize an event to promote an exchange ideas around topics based on the innovation field. A panel of experts with specialized background in areas such as fashion design,product innovation and wearable technology will examine and discuss about opportunities for further business development and future applications of the submitted design proposals.


For the first years Reshape will exhibit the winning projects in the In(3D)ustry retail event. The winners will receive an experts and media recognition for particularly well-executed design work, considering this event as a well exposed communicator of their work.


Reshape aims to provide various Networking Opportunities. During the Award Ceremony the winners will be in contact with prominent industry members, entrepreneurs, magazine editors, public figures and the jury members, having the opportunity to connect and make new valuable relations.


The awards ceremony is a special event, hosting by In(3D)ustry , where the winners of the competition come together to celebrate the results of the competition. An international jury comprising design professors and specialist, will award and discusses of each product in site. Hosting by In(3D)ustry the winners projects will take part at the main exhibition in the retail sector, creating networking opportunities and media coverage for winners.


The contest organizers have the right to use the materials submitted for educational and promotional purposes, always quoting the source, without any form of remuneration for the designers. By entering the competition, participants accept all the rules of the present brief. Any infringement will be notified and evaluated by the Reshape jury and organization. Presenting their project proposal, each participant declares that is totally aware and agrees to all the contents of the competition.In case of group entries, each group is responsible for managing the prize.


in order to apply please register here:


Reshape is a digital platform promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, towards the definition of new cutting-edge practices and disruptive ideas. Reshape is organized by Noumena in partnership with In(3D)ustry – From Needs to Solutions , an event coordinated by Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona Exhibition Center). RESHAPE17 | Programmable Skins Competition is also in partnership with: IAAC - Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya , Design by Data , Fab Lab Barcelona , Fab City Global Initiative and Materfad.

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